Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Wears

Goodness.  It's hard to find time to post on a holiday.  So far our day has been very full, but a lot of fun.  But I'm not posting about my day so far, I wanted to post my outfits for the weekend.  I was able to take photos all three days this weekend again.  I think I'm on a hot streak.

This weekend was marvelous.  My in-laws took the boys both Friday and Saturday night, so we were kiddo-less the entire weekend.  Because of this, it was my goal to wear skirts/dresses all weekend, but unfortunately, the crummy Chicago weather forced me to abandon my efforts.  Oh well.

So Friday we grabbed dinner with friends and saw a movie, Bridesmaids.  It was very funny, although I think I hyped it up in my head a little too much so my expectations were a bit unrealistic.  But even if it were dumb, the time spent with friends was totally worth it.

Shirt: Thrifted & Altered
Skirt: Thrifted & Altered
Tights: Meijer
Shoes: Thrifted

On Saturday, we slept in for a while, and then took our time getting ready before we headed to Chicago.  We stopped for breakfast/brunch on the way (more like Eric stopped for breakfast), and arrived in Chicago about 2:30pm.  We checked into our hotel and off we went.  We decided ahead of time to limit the number of stores we visited, just because we weren't on a shopping spree.  We first stopped at H & M and then Urban Outfitters.  We were mildly successful at both places, but weren't super impressed with either spot.  That night, we decided to check out this restaurant/bar called Handlebar.  It was a such an awesome find.  The food was good and the atmosphere was really unique.  We thought about going out afterward, but once food hit out stomach, both of us started yawning and decided to be the like parents and head to bed.

Blazer: Mossimo
Dress: Missimo
Tights: Target
Boots: Aldo

Sunday was another sleep in morning, and didn't arrive to brunch until 11:30am.  I need to stop here, and tell you about where we ate.  It was incredible!  It was in an old house, gutted to accommodate a coffee shop/cafe.  There was even a second floor with seating.  The entire place was decorated with old, vintage stuff (pretty random) and there as a room with high back chairs and bookcase walls filled with vintage books.  Needless to say, I was in heaven.  So, just to warn you there will be a lot of Sunday pictures so you can see a peak into this great place.  Okay, back to our Sunday adventure.  Because it didn't stop after brunch.  I had decided to return something to UO that morning and saw one on our drive that morning.  We stopped in and were going to check out a couple more places, but ended up spending over an hour at the store.  Why?  The entire store was filled with sale items.  It was an UO outlet!  I was in heaven.  I am such a lover of deals and we got so much stuff for the same price of the item I was returning.  I was pretty geeked when we left, to say the least.  Since we had spent to much time there, we headed home through lots and lots of rain.  We were hoping to have some sun, but it was not in the cards for us this weekend.

Tank: H & M
Top: Urban Outfitteres
Shorts: H & M
Tights: Target
Boots: Aldo

Although we may not have been able to do and go everywhere we wanted, it was a laid back trip and very much needed.  It was so nice to spend good, uninterrupted quality time with my mister.

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