Sunday, May 29, 2011

Packing for an Overnight Trip

Oh my word, packing for an overnight trip is crazy.  I've done it before, but not in quite a while, so I must have become unaccustomed.  And I'm not talking about packing for kids.  We all know that kids require an exorbitant amount of stuff.  No, I'm talking about myself.  I consider myself a decently light packer, in comparison to other girls.  But while I was packing for this little getaway, I couldn't help the awe that was everything I brought.

I think what makes it so difficult is that you only use everything once.  I bring my entire bathroom for one night, to use everything once.  It just seemed a little excessive.  But a girl can't go on an anniversary trip without her curling iron, or her makeup, which requires makeup remover, plus she needs to shower, which requires shampoo, conditioner, body wash a razor and on and on and on.

See what I mean?

This is my bag.  For clothes, I had an outfit for today, pajamas, a cardigan and leggings in case it got cool and unmentionables.  The rest.   Cosmetics that probably could have been left behind but I didn't want to.  It's crazy to think that besides more clothes, this is the same amount of stuff I would bring for an entire weekend.  But, a girl has to look pretty on her anniversary getaway, and if this is what it takes, then so be it.  I guess I'd just rather look pretty than pack light.


  1. Have so much fun in Chicago!!!
    I am the exact same way, when i pack and go through my routine for the morning i realize, and embarrassingly admit it takes a lot to get me ready in just one morning!!!
    :) can't wait to read about your adventures.
    and happy 5years, thats incredible!

  2. Thanks Charis, we ended up having a lot of fun and finding some great new places.