Friday, June 17, 2011

The Art of Running Errands

Yesterday the weather cleared up long enough to run a few errands with the kiddos.  Although they've been home 6+ months, it's still a challenge taking them places by myself.  If a store doesn't have a cart corral, then it's 10x harder.  When I park, I make sure to park by the carts and also check to see if there is one there.

If there aren't any carts in the parking lot, I have to carry them both into the store.  I can do this, but don't prefer to.  And it's pretty awkward getting them into the cart once I'm in the store.

Off to our first destination

First stop, Target

Stop #2: Meijer, to get ingredients to make a meal for expectant friend

It was a very successful trip.  And when I say successful, I mean that the boys were happy the entire time we were in the store.  Lately, Baxter has been getting very frustrated in the cart, which makes errands much more stressful than they have to be.  He was a champ yesterday, and I'm hoping that this is a new trend.  It definitely boosted my confidence and I may just go a little crazy and take them for longer next time.  But I'll just have to see.  I'm not that much of a dare devil.


  1. I can't imagine to shop with babies. It is hard enough to do it with my boyfriend, he get cranky as easy as 2 yr old while doing shopping haha. We get groceries online now.
    Nice photo of boys in the car, cluthing the botties ;-)

  2. @Sonishka

    Yeah, it's definitely a challenge, but I get so stir-crazy that it's worth it :)