Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Day in Photos

As you know, I read a lot of blogs, and these blogs I read give me ideas for DIY projects, or ways to style my clothes, or posts to do.  I've seen a lot of posts displaying one photo every hour for an entire day.  I really like reading them, and thought I'd try it out yesterday.  I had plans to be out and about, running errands but Baxter had a fever and so we minimized our plans.  Oh well.  That's how life sometimes goes when you have two little kiddos.  So this is our very relaxed day yesterday from 7am to 8pm.

early morning with Atty / snuggles with dad before work / picking out books to read

 getting ready / homework / lunchtime

 more reading / still not feeling good / more homework

 warming up on a cold day / off to grandma and grandpa's / dinner

 celebrating birthdays / cribbage game with three generations

It's fun to have pictures from your entire day, but honestly, it's find of hard.  I would forget to take them for a while.  And then it's remembering what time you took each photo.  Nonetheless, they are a fun memory and I think I am going to try it again sometime soon.


  1. Oh your babies are just so cute!
    And looks like a busy day as well. I like your photo stream.
    Did I say your boys are cute? :-)