Friday, June 10, 2011

First Ever Barbershop Visit

Yesterday, Baxter had his first visit to a barbershop.  I love his little fro, but it's not coming in evenly and so we decided to get it cut.  A very lovely woman, who works in the childcare at my local YMCA recommended this particular barbershop.  Since I haven't heard about any others, I decided to avoid picking one out of the yellow pages, and try the one her son goes to.  It ended up being pretty close to our house, so it's a pretty convenient location too.

When we got there, he was pretty enamored with everything.  Especially all of the mirrors.  The barber has a little stool he puts of the arms of the chair to accommodate such small customers.  Baxter wasn't too sure at first.

After the barber began trimming, he settled down, which is not what I expected.  I was ready for crying and screaming because of the clippers.  But they were the quietest clippers I had ever seen.  Baxter just set right through it.  Every once in a while he'd fuss a little, but not too bad.

The clippers for his hair line were a little louder, and he wasn't too sure about them.  But overall, he did such a great job.  I'm such a proud momma.  And the gentleman who cut his hair was really great.  He would talk to Baxter, let him hold the clippers, and make faces.  It was really sweet.

He looks like such a man.  And he smelled like one too.  The oil the barber put on his hair smelled like cologne.  Oh goodness, my little boy is growing up!