Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another One Year Old

Today, I am no longer a momma to any babies.  I now have two toddlers, both a year old.  Although, I still see Atticus as baby-like most of the time, but that will soon end.  Every day he is becoming more and more independent and seeming more and more like a little boy.  I can't let myself stop and think about how fast they are growing, I'll start crying if I do. 

Last night, Eric and I spent some time watching old videos of when the boys first came home, and even some from when we were with them in Congo.  It took everything in me not to sob as I watched.  Anyone who says that you can't love an adopted child as much as a biological child needs to come see me.

It's a weird feeling; being excited about the next stage, yet wanting to go back to when they were smaller, and also loving the stage they're in right now.  Maybe that's why I have been such an emotional mess lately.  Despite all of these feelings, I am going to do my best not to focus on the past or the future, but rather on the present, at whatever stage they are in.  I want to enjoy them now so I don't miss anything.

So, here's to Atticus' new stage, being 1 year old.  What fun we will have over the next year!  Happy Birthday buddy!

Oh man, my baby's growing up!

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