Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Barbershop - Atty's Turn

Well, actually, both boys got their hair cut, but it was Atty's first time.  I loved his little fro, but just like Baxter, the hair on the back of his head was barely growing in and therefore, his fro looked a little funny.  He's only one, so I have some time to figure out what type of haircut I'd like him to have.  Eric's on this kick of growing their hair out for dreadlocks, but I'm not so sure. 

This time, there was another little boy there, about 4 years old.  While he waited for his turn, he would play with Baxter, making him laugh.  It was really cute.  There were actually a lot of different people there, some for appointments and some just coming in to say hi to someone they knew.  It reminded me of what a stereotypical barbershop is like, and I thought it was really neat.  Although, I did feel a little out of place being the only white person around, and not being very familiar with anyone (it seemed most people lived near the barbershop and came frequently).  The mom of the other boy was very friendly though, and we talked about how it was Atty's first haircut, how different they look afterward, and how fresh haircuts make them look so nice.

I really want to immerse my boys in this community.  I like going to the salon myself, but it isn't the same.  I hope that the boys are able to find somewhere they like and become familiar with the people there.  I know that it's important, even though I may not fully understand it, but that's just an element of a multi-racial family. 

Woah, I am on my way down a rabbit trail, and multi-racial parenting is a post in and of itself.  Back to Atty's haircut...

At  first Atticus wasn't too keen about the whole chair and cape, but he warmed up just a little bit, never getting too comfortable. 

Overall he did really good, and only occasionally burst into cries for it to stop.  More and more, I am realizing how great my kids are, and I am not trying to brag.  Promise.  It's just that I tend to plan for the worst but so far, they have done well in every situation we put them in.  I guess I'm just one proud momma :)

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