Thursday, July 28, 2011

Atticus Turns One

I'll say it again, thank goodness my father-in-law!  As I said before, I forgot to bring my camera to Atty's first birthday party, and my photographer father-in-law stepped in to save the day. 

We started by taking some photos with the birthday boy, and also attempted to get a semi-decent family photo.  These were the best we got.  I guess that's just the way it goes when you have two toddlers and a husband with a child-like spirit.

Now, it was Atty's turn to try cake and ice cream, and to answer my mom's prayers (she's been wanted to give them sweets for a while).  He definitely liked the cake but didn't seem to want to gorge himself like I thought he would.  I guess all the fruit he eats has ruined any sort of cake gluttony that may have previously existed (score for healthy moms everywhere).

Once he had had his fill of cake and ice cream, it was time to open his gifts.  We seriously discourage gifts, since he's so little and really doesn't need anything, but he was REALLY excited about the orange Henley from grandma.

After so much fun, he was in some serious need of sleep and found his pillow pet to be the perfect place to rest his now 1 year old self.

Baxter, on the other hand, didn't really like all of the attention that was being given to his brother and decided that he wanted to show off.  Eric's started his body building training now, so we can have the maximum number of years possible to live off our son's success.  Just kidding, we haven't started training him...yet.  No really, I'm just kidding.

I'm so thankful that we live so close to both of our families and that we're able to spend birthdays together, and I'm also thankful that our parents get along really well.  It is so nice to have one birthday party with everyone who loves the boys so much. 

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