Friday, July 8, 2011

Feeding Ducks

Well, we didn't actually feed ducks.  I actually fed my kiddos.  But based on how fast they scarfed down a piece of bread, you would think they were ducks.  We've had such nice weather this week.  So when I went outside to water the flowers, I brought the boys out with me and we spent sometime under our front tree.

I love seeing the boys explore.  Encouraging their curiosity is worth a little ingestion of grass and dirt.  They just need to touch everything, or put things in their mouth, or anything else a young mind can think up.  Baxter in particular is super curious.  He's much more confident in his mobility, so he's always seeing how far he can go until we rein him in.  Atticus has gained more confidence, but many times he's just content to explore the area within his reach.

This is why summer is go great.  I love being able to sit in the grass, even if it's just in our front yard.  Winter is long here in Michigan, and I think I may need to keep these photos handy to help remind me that winter is worth the warmth and sun that comes with summer.

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