Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Whole Day to Ourselves

Yesterday morning, my in-laws came and picked up the boys to give us an entire day to ourselves.  It was lovely!  Eric spent the morning working on staining the deck, and I had a friend's bridal shower.  For the last few weeks, I have been mistakenly calling it a baby shower.  Can you tell I know a lot of people having babies?

For lunch, we met up with our good friends, who are summering here this year.  And after lunch, we hit up some thrift stores.  It's been so long since Eric and I have thrifted together.  It was so much fun to do it again.  It used to be something we did on a regular basis.  I will be have to do a post about what we found this weekend.  We were both pretty successful.

That night, we grabbed a quick dinner at one of our favorite burger shops (they have sweet potato fries, my favorite!), and then headed to the movie theatre.  We saw Midnight in Paris.  Such a cute movie, and there were so many well-known actors in it.  We both would give it two thumbs up, and recommend it to pretty much anyone.  The movie wasn't very long, so we were able to stop and grab coffee on the way to pick up the boys.  The weather has been so nice lately, so we sat outside.  You really can't beat a summer night.  I was like 70 degrees at almost 11pm!

Today we are off to spend the afternoon with family.  Then it's movie night, as usual, only this time I will be leaving during the movie.  My best friend is being induced tonight and I am going to keep her company.  Can you say Starbucks and gossip magazines?

I hope the rest of your weekend is just what you need, and, fingers crossed, there will be a new baby to show off soon :)

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