Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY: Braided Headband

Last night, I was sitting at my parent's kitchen table when I suddenly got the urge to make a headband, and I knew exactly how I wanted to make it.  Creative epiphanies don't happen often for me, so when they do, I have to run with them.  Well, this time running with it meant staying up later than I wanted, until I got it right.  Once I succeeded, I was off to bed.  Then this morning I got up and made another, but this time I remembered to take pictures to show how I did it.

I used only things that I already had on hand, this was partially out of necessity since the project didn't even begin until 10:30 at night.

Supplies: twine (or whatever you'd like to use for your headband), elastic, scissors, thread, needle, permanent marker, paper clips, and glue.

First, cut the twine and elastic to the size you need, make sure you add some length to the twine if you're going to braid it, since braiding will naturally make it shorter.  And don't be afraid to make it longer than you think is necessary because the ends will be cut off.

Knot one end of each strand and begin to braid.  I start out just holding the twine, but once I've gotten some length, I place the knot under something heavy to help make the braiding easier.  Knot the braid once you are finished to keep from unraveling. 

Once you're finished with braiding each strand, clasp one end to your piece of elastic (side note: I colored my piece of elastic with the permanent marker because I didn't want it to be white).  Make sure there is some overlap between your twine and elastic to ensure that the strands can be securely attached.

When you've clasped the twine and elastic together, cut off the knots and put a little glue at the end to keep from unraveling or fraying.

Now it's time to attach the twine to the elastic.  You can glue it, sew it by hand or use a sewing machine, whichever is your preference.  I tried gluing one headband, but I didn't like how stiff it got, so I would recommend sewing it together if you're comfortable with that.

*Tip*  Make sure to pay attention when you're securing the second side to the elastic.  If you don't, then you could accidentally twist the braid, keeping it from laying flat on your head.

Once you have both sides attached, it's ready to wear!  You can make this with one, two, three or more strands and with anything you'd like; twine, ribbon, yarn, etc...  I even tried out a new hairstyle with mine.

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY!  If you try it, please let me know what you used, I'm itching to make more and don't need a dozen twine headbands :)

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