Saturday, August 13, 2011

Memories & Thunderstorms

Do you have an experience or memory from your childhood that is still vivid today?  Well, every time there's a big thunderstorm, I am reminded of one of my favorite movies as a kid, Rock-a-Doodle.  It wasn't the most popular film, so you've probably never heard of it, but I loved it.  My grandma owned it and we watched it every single time we visited her house, and sometimes we would borrow it so we could watch it every day for a week.  Yes, I think that would qualify as a small obsession.

Anyway, in the film there's a little boy, and in the beginning he reads part of a story while a huge storm builds, and the line I always hear in my head when I see a storm rolling in is "and then... it began to rain."  The craziest part about that is the line I hear isn't in my own voice, but his.

It's been over a decade and a half since I've seen that film but I can't help remembering it every time I hear a storm coming.  So as I woke this morning to flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder, a small boy's voice was in my head as he warns of the impending storm.  As I wrote that last line, I feel like I sound pretty crazy but it's interesting what our minds hold on to over time.  I by no means make an effort to recall this part of a childrens' movie, yet it's there.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here's the official trailer circa 1991.

Do you have any memories that seem to remain even though all reason would say that they should fade?  And what triggers them?


  1. I watched this movie, too! Wow i forgot all about it! - Kelli

  2. @Anonymous
    It never, ever comes to mind unless there's a thunder storm. It's really so random...