Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Real Wound

On Monday, the boys and I took a walk and ended at a playground near our house.  Unfortunately we were there for all of two minutes before heading home.  Baxter, who's pretty pro at crawling down stairs decided it was time to walk down them.  Well, although there were only two small steps, he took his first real tumble.

He's fallen down before, but has never gotten anything worse than a little bump or fat lip.  This time, he drew blood, nothing oozing or gushing, but still a bit of red on the surface of his skin.  In true Baxter form, he threw a tantrum because we were leaving.  Scrapes and bleeding don't faze him apparently. 

Once we got home, I cleaned the scrape up and put some triple antibiotic on it.  With his skin being so dark, you actually can't see it.  I told Eric he fell but had to point out exactly here it was because he couldn't find it.  So really, it wasn't that bad.

I know that this accident is just the beginning, I'm being eased me into parenting two boys.  Thankfully, I grew up with three brothers, so wrestling, bumps, bruises and tumbles aren't new to me, but I know it's different when they're your kids.  I think it's something that I'm going to need to get accustomed to quickly, especially with Baxter.

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