Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppy Love

Ever since they arrived home, the boys and Bella, our dog, have had a fickle relationship.  Bella has never been mean or aggressive towards the boys, most of the time she's just not interested in them.  And if she ever is, they usually don't want her around, particularly licking their faces.  Then, out of the blue they'll start acting as if they've been chums forever.  This flip-flop friendship has recently taken place between Bella and Baxter.  He'll go up to her and pet her for no reason, and if I ask where she is, he'll go find her and pet her some more.  He even goes as far as kissing her.  Sweet, right?  Well, I wouldn't describe a boy and his dog kissing on the mouth exactly sweet.  Despite the fact that it kind of grosses me out, I do like seeing them get along so well.  How can't you love the relationship between a boy and his dog?

Bella is five years old, and has spent her entire life in our family.  She has become such an integrated member, that I really can't imagine ever having another dog besides her.  My little brothers even love her to death.  As proof, they will call me and ask if she can spent the weekend with them, not because we're going out of town, just because they like her.  Man, what a good dog.

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