Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Water Babies

Throughout the adoption process, one of Eric's concerns was whether or not the boys would like water, particularly, swimming.  Eric loves to swim; get him in water, and he is ten years old again.  During their first baths at home, both boys seemed to like being in the water, but since it was November we had to wait to find out about actual swimming.  Then came summer, and opportunities to take them in pools and lakes.  Eric was a little nervous, but without any reason.  Both boys love the water!  Ever since the weather was warm enough, they've been in the water.  They swim at both their grandparent's houses, their great-grandparent's and the lake.  Eric is thrilled to say the least, and can't wait until they are able to swim with him, as opposed to being held. 

Last weekend, we swam at Eric's grandparent's house and as always, the boys had a lot of fun.

This weekend, Eric and I are going on a float trip and he is already asking how old the boys have to be in order to come with us.

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