Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snuggies, the Best Warm Weather Pajamas

Now, if you think I'm doing a post about armed blankets, you are mistaken.  I am talking about fuzzy, footed, kids pajamas.  Eric has always called them snuggies, even before the "snuggie" became all the rage.  Anyway...as of late, nights have become especially cool and since the boys don't sleep under blankets, out came the snuggies!

I swear Eric would wear one of these every night if they were made in adult male sizes.  Before we had kids, or even thought about having kids, Eric would get excited any time he saw a child in this type of pajamas.  He says that you can't help but cuddle a kid who's wearing a snuggie.  So as you may have guessed, there has been a lot of cuddling going on at our house lately.

In addition to his soft and comfy pjs, Baxter decided that the scarf I had been wearing would make a nice accessory to his woodland creatures sleepwear.  No, I did not put him to bed with a scarf wrapped around his neck, but he did wear it for at least thirty minutes before we had to forcibly remove it from him.  When he likes something, you better watch out because he will use any means to keep you from taking it from him.  We'll just call that passion.


  1. they boys are too cute! Also, here is a website for Adult "snuggies" http://www.pajamacity.com/ there also other sites as well!

  2. Kids love pajamas because of the comfort it brings. Pajamas come in various designs too.

  3. They just make me smile! So cute :)
    I love your blog!