Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Scream for Ice Cream!

Eric and I don't generally keep ice cream in the house, it's more of a treat we go out for.  And this summer, the boys have only gotten it with us a handful of times.  I want to fully take advantage of the boys' love of fruit and give that to them as often as possible in place of actual sweets.  I think they're going to have enough candy throughout their childhood, so I'll delay their sweet tooth for as long as possible.'s still fun to give them a taste of sweets now and again.  Last night, we walked to our favorite local ice cream shop and the boys had their very first cones.  They've been spoon-fed some ice cream before, but this was the first time eating from a cone.  It was SO cute.  I'm so glad I thought to bring my camera.

The only downside to ice cream is how messy and sticky they get while eating it.  Baxter wasn't too keen about walking home without a thorough cleaning, but he went right in the tub as soon as we got home.  And surprisingly, they went straight to bed after their bath, no sugar high for these kiddos.  At least this time.  I don't think I am going to test my luck too often :)

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