Saturday, October 8, 2011

Date Night!

Last night, courtesy of my in-laws, Eric and I went on a date.  I love going on dates  :)  We had gotten a Groupon a couple weeks ago and last night was the perfect night to go.  It was to a restaurant that used to be a giant victorian house and because the weather has been so warm lately, we were able to sit out on the patio.  The lawn is so beautiful, it only seems natural to want to play croquet or some other fancy yard game.

(This is the type of picture I get when I just take and don't ask)

(This is the type of picture I get when I do)

After dinner, we went to see a movie.  I drank this...

While we watched this.

It has been so long since we've seen a movie in the theatre together.  It was fun to do something we've always loved doing together.  And the movie was really good, unless you don't like political dramas, then it isn't for you.


  1. Croquet, dear. Not crochet.

  2. @Anonymous
    Oh man, oops. Thanks for pointing it out :)