Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Week's Date Night

Last weekend we were given a date night out, and as always, took full advantage.  We went to dinner at a little place between our house and Eric's parents, where we dropped the boys off.  It's called the Dungeon and you literally have to walk down a flight of stairs to get there.  The food was good, I got a Mexican bean dip and the sangria that I got was delicious.  It was different than any sangria I have ever had before, in a good way.

After dinner we had some time to kill.  So we did what any kidless parents would do, we went to Staples to look at safes for Eric's office.  Sometimes, you just have to use date time to get things done.  It's so much easier running errands when you don't have to load and unload kids out of the car, so that's what we did.  Romantic, huh?

Once a sufficient amount of time was killed, we headed to the theatre, but not before we took a detour through Starbucks.  It's pretty much a given that I get a coffee for the movie.  And how do I do it you ask?  Well, I stealthily place our coffees in my purse, propping them up with notebooks, cosmetic bags and whatever else is handy and sneak them in.  I know it's against the rules, but the only "coffee" our theatre serves is powdered cappuccino like you get at the gas station and I just can't bring myself to drink that.

It was a nice date night, although the beginning and the end were the best.  Great dinner and a great movie.  You can't beat that.

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