Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Pinterest Love

Don't you just love Pinterest?  And if you're not on this bandwagon, you should jump on, quick.  It's so much easier than bookmarking everything on my browser and I tend to find things I wouldn't normally too.

As winter approaches, I will be a pinning fool when it comes to kids crafts, games and all things indoor.  activities.  I can foresee myself thanking Pinterest for helping me keep my sanity this winter.

Aside from kids crafts, I like to pin outfits, food, DIY projects and anything else that looks cool.  Here are some things that I have found lately.

I decided this is my go-to fall outfit: cardigan/blazer, scarf, leggings/skinnies and boots.

The boys would love these!  Baxter already loves playing dress up, especially with bags and scarves.

If the boys would stop growing so fast and not dirty everything they wear, I would buy these outfits in a heartbeat.

I should make this.  I love Mexican and it's really easy to accommodate gluten free restrictions.

A fun little craft for me, and one that I can admire often :)

Good motivation for me to still run, because Lord knows that I feel like I get nowhere.

Oh Pinterest, you are just so lovely.  Thank you to whoever thought this up.  It's a dream and something that takes up way to much of nap time.  But I'm currently okay with it.

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