Friday, February 10, 2012

The Virgin Suicides

Eric has been telling me to watch the Virgin Suicides for a really long time and I was finally able to while he was out of town.  I didn't really know anything about the film, and wasn't super excited about watching it, but those are usually the moments when I am so glad I did.

Yes, the name is a little odd, but it actually describes the movie quite well.  It takes place in a small town during the 70's and revolves around of a family with five gorgeous daughters.  The parents, on the other hand, rule with an iron fist.  The narrative is told by several boys who were completely infatuated with them and did their best to find out everything they could.  These boys are now grown and are telling this as a story from their youth.

I was completely drawn into the story and was totally interested in every character.  It also makes me come to conclusions on how I will never parent my daughter, should I ever have one.

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