Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am not sure if you have a dog, or are even a dog person, but despite my dislike of the responsibilities of having both a dog and kids, it is totally outweighed by the love my boys have for ours and her love and patience for them.

Eric and I got Bella, a full bred boxer, 3 months after we got married.  She was such a tiny puppy and we loved her instantly.  She was almost 5 years old when the boys arrived home and we weren't totally sure how she was going to react after being the only "child" in the house for so long.  In preparation for their homecoming, we put out all their toys, walkers, exe-saucers, etc.  We even brought a blanket home from the DRC that was used to wrap them in and put it next to her bed.  We wanted her to get used to the news thing taking over the house and the new smells that were about to arrive.

She has always been a very friendly dog, but she has blown our expectations out of the water.  Not only does she tolerate the boys, we let's them lay on, climb on, and jump on her.  But in return for her tolerance of these things, there are lots of hugs and kisses too.

Baxter will follow her around the house trying to constantly pet her and Atticus will just lay on her like a pillow, sucking his thumb as he rubs her soft fur.  Both of them immediately ask about her as soon as they get up in the morning.  It really couldn't get much more precious.  And the other day, while the boys sat around her, I decided to get out my camera and capture a little bit of their relationship.

Like I said, I don't know if you're a dog person, but it's hard not to love a dog that loves your kids more than anything.  Well, actually, she loves them more than anything...except Eric.  He's her favorite.