Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer in March

The weather lately has been so beautiful, and beyond unusual.  The last week or so has been up to and beyond 70 degrees.  I know this is not unusual for California, Arizona, etc but it's definitely very strange for Michigan.  We should still have snow, and yet, somehow we have summer weather.  The boys have been wearing shorts and t-shirts since last week and thankfully I like to buy ahead so they weren't stuck in jeans and sweaters.

This weekend, Eric picked up some top soil for the flower bed in front of our house and decided to put it in on Sunday.  And since Baxter's new favorite thing is helping either Eric or I, he had to get in on the action.  And since Baxter was helping, Atty needed to come too.  So, outside we all went and out come my phone.

Both boys had tons of fun using the shovel, finding sticks and helping dump out bags full of dirt.  I know that not every boy likes to play in dirt and/or mud, but that's not my boys.  They are all about getting their hands dirty and most of the time end up with dirt in their hair too.  I don't expect to keep a clean house this summer if this is any indication of what will be taking place, but I'm alright with that :)

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