Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make-Shift Sandbox

The morning started off very chilly, but eventually warmed up, allowing us to venture outside and play.  As you can see from the pictures below, our street currently doesn't exist as it's torn apart on a daily basis.  This really restricts where the boys are allowed to play, for their own safety.  And these kind of restrictions can make any kid frustrated, as they are used to having more space.

But yesterday was a day better than all others.  First of all, the kids who attend the daycare below us came out to play, which always makes their day.  Then, the nicest construction worker decided he would lend us some of the sand being used to repair our street and put a giant pile right in our front yard.  A make-shift sandbox you could say.

For the next couple of hours, all of the kids were completely engrossed in this new and exciting activity.  Atticus, who is continually being scolded for digging in our flowerbed, was in his glory. Baxter really just wanted to climb to the top and conquer the mighty hill of sand.  Whatever they did, they had loads and loads of fun.  It was totally worth the amount of sand that was trekked into the house after all was said and done.

When the construction first started on our street, I was a little worried about the type of men that would be working around us every day (a generalized stereotype), but we really have the nicest guys.  They are always saying hello, giving the boys hi-fives and making sure we're able to get to our cars when we need to.  That, and they give my kids giant piles of sand to play in.  Cookie baking may be needed in order to thank them for how truly awesome they are.  They almost make walking blocks to my car everyday not so bad.

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