Friday, April 13, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Well, let me just preface this by saying that this film is different than any other I've posted about before.  It's not that I don't watch dark films, I just haven't done a post on one.  So this film may not be right for everyone.

The story in this film, which is part of a trilogy, begins with Mikael (played by Daniel Craig).  He is commissioned to solve a murder mystery revolving around one family, while a parallel story is taking place about Lisbeth (Rooney Mara).  She is a very talented researcher, but is very different from your average young adult.  As Daniel Craig's character finds himself deeper in the mystery, he contracts Mara to help with research.  There are lots and lots of twists and turns, and suspenseful moments.  This is definitely a psychological thriller.  And I also must warn you that there are some graphic descriptions of murders, a couple graphic sex scenes, as well as a rape scene.  I know some people aren't deterred from a film because of this type of stuff, but some people are, so I thought I'd give fair warning.

The trilogy was written by Steig Larsson, a Swedish writer and there are films already released in Sweden. This particular film, and the two that will be following are American remakes.  The director is David Fincher, who has also directed Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Social Network.

I like fun, positive films a lot of times, but I also enjoy ones that are outside the happy-go-lucky realm, like this one.  It's one that gets your mind racing and your heart pumping.  As Daniel Craig's character was working to figure out the mystery, I found myself doing the same.  I am not sure if I'd be able to read the books, but I'll see the next two films, which continue with the same characters.

Rooney Mara is also in The Social Network.  I had to look up her picture just to see which character she plays.  Compared with her character in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, she looks like a totally different person.  I'm always amazed by how much a person can change in appearance from film to film.

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