Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Weekend Up North

This past weekend we decided, on short notice, to spend the weekend up north at my family's cabin.  We didn't spend much time there last year, but I foresee this year being different because the boys are older.  We left Saturday morning, and before 10am the boys were fast asleep.

We had to wake them up when we got to the restaurant for breakfast, which they weren't too upset about because it meant they were going to eat.  When we arrived, it was a little cold inside the cabin so Eric started a fire, and Baxter insisted on helping (we didn't let him get near the fire, he just lifted the logs).

Eric was pretty tired after a long work week and wanted to take a nap.  Atticus was willing to oblige, but Baxter was very insistant on playing basketball.  And when Eric told him that they would in a little while, the reaction wasn't too pleasant.

The boys took a very, and I mean very, short nap in the afternoon and then we headed outside to take a walk in the woods and play on the swingset.  Baxter went right on in to the woods without much hesitation.  Atticus, on the other hand, wasn't too keen about walking on the uneven ground and climbing over sticks.

But once he got a stick to carry, he seemed to have a better attitude, but Eric eventually carried him.  He was falling behind and having trouble keeping up.

After our walk in the woods, which seriously lasted less than 30 minutes, they wanted to swing on the swingset.  I think their favorite thing to do at any park is swing.  And they don't care if there isn't a kid swing.  They will swing on our laps and sometimes swing themselves.

After we spent most of the afternoon outside, it was bedtime for the boys.  Once they were asleep, Eric and I played games and watched some NCAA basketball.  It was nice to just sit around.  We haven't played a board game in so long and without internet, we couldn't really use our computer and our phones weren't nearly as distracting.  It was great.

Sunday morning came, and even though we were up north, we kept our tradition of muffins and french press coffee.  I had brought up our french press and picked up muffins before we left.  It may have been one of the most relaxing Sunday mornings in a long time.

After breakfast, we cleaned up and headed home.  Despite the fact that it was only 24 hours, it was so nice.  I hope that this type of thing will happen more often this summer and fall.  It's nice to get away from everything around you every once in a while.  I didn't feel pressure to make sure the house stayed clean, or finish a project or do homework, which is usually how I feel when we're home.  It makes both of us want a cottage someday.  Someday.


  1. what a beautiful family! it looks like a relaxing time!

    1. Thanks Jamey! And yes, it was relaxing. Well, as relaxing as a vacation with two toddlers can be ;)