Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Wear

This past weekend we headed up north to my family's cabin.  It was a little spontaneous, but we haven't had an entire weekend without plans in quite a while, so we decided to take advantage.  It was a pretty laid back weekend, filled with park trips, walks in the woods, and we even kept our weekly tradition of muffins and coffee on Sunday morning.

I think we may have reached coffee snob status.  I brought up our coffee and the press.  There is already a coffee maker and coffee there, but it's a drip pot and Folders.  Yeah. I'd definitely say we're coffee snobs.

Cardigan: F21 // Tank: Target // Jeans: Levi's // Sandals: Target 

It was such a fun little get-away weekend.  I really want to do them more, and it wasn't super hard with the boys.  I think if the car rides get much longer, it will be more difficult to bring the boys along.  You can only expect them to sit strapped into a car seat for so long.

And just for fun, here is a shot as the outfit "photo shoot" got a little silly.

Happy Monday!

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