Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wear

Yesterday marked the last day that Eric was traveling out of state/out of the country.  So, after seven days of it being just me and the boys, I opted for an easy and comfortable outfit.  And what's easier than wearing your husband's shirt?  Well, in my case it was my husband's repurposed shirt.

It was in his "to go to Goodwill" pile so I confiscated it, took it in a little and ta-da!  I have a new shirt.  I love the color blue and it's ultra narrow stripes of white, yellow, red, green and navy.  Add a cute red belt from Grandma Johnson (she's the coolest) and you have a perfectly accessories outfit, mostly from other people.

Top:Repurposed Men's Shirt // Belt: Gifted from Eric's Grandma // Jeans: H&M // Sandals: Target

Quick, easy, cute and simple.  Exactly what I needed yesterday.  

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