Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Workin' Girl

As many of you know, because I've talked about it before, my husband owns his own film production company.  It's what he's been doing since we met, but it has grown significantly over the last seven years. And recently a few close associates have taken other opportunities, leaving him with more responsibility.  He's taking it like a champ and working really hard to make it all work.  But lately, having to do the books has been getting a bit overwhelming.  

So, that's where I now come in.  Starting yesterday, I am going to be helping out by doing the books a few days a month.  It's not a lot, but hopefully it will help take some pressure off of Eric.  

It was pretty funny going in yesterday.  I've spent time at his office, but being there working was a completely different story.  Everyone is so nice, so the only weird part was being my husband's "employee."  

Half the time I spent learning his bookkeeping system and the other half was spent doing general organization.  It's an office full of very talented and creative people, but stereotypically that means that organization isn't necessarily the strongest characteristic.  They spend more time making things like this...

than worrying whether or not all of their labels have the same font, are color coded or if everything in the office supply closet is properly labeled.

Needless to say, the two days that I was in this week were busy.  It's a totally different world around here when I have to get the boys up, fed and ready for a day with their grandparents, prep dinner for the evening, make sure I have a lunch (and coffee) and get to the office on time.  I have always respected working moms, but this offers me a little better glimpse into their world.  Props to them even more now.

And props to my husband for marrying a wife he can utilize at work :)

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