Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How We've Been Spending Our Summer

This summer, we've spent most of our time either at a pool or a park.  But not just one pool or park, numerous parks and several pools.  Last week, the weather wasn't scorching, so we opted for a park.  I love getting together with my friend and her kiddos.  We get lots of time to chat and all of our kids end up taking great naps because they wear each other out.

We even fed the ducks.  My boys don't do this often, so they were totally enthralled with how many geese and ducks that congregated around them, vying for a small piece of bread.  A few times, we caught them nibbling on the bread that they were throwing.  Oops.

Our play dates usually take place in the morning, which means that the end of our time together is during lunch.  I just love seeing our kids play, run around, jump, climb, and then share their lunches as they excitedly talk about whatever we did.  It is seriously the greatest!  And summer isn't even half over!

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