Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I love going to the gym, I love the feeling after a great workout, and I love being sore after the aforementioned workout.  But I tend to fall into ruts where I do the same things over and over again, because I just don't know what else to do.  I watch what other people are doing and try those exercises and tear pages from fitness magazines, but it didn't do the trick.  And then my sister-in-law came home for a visit and my workouts will never be the same.

I was introduced to the Nike Training Club.  A free app for my iPhone that is now my personal trainer. There are three different types of workouts within the app, and numerous workouts within each category.  I like doing "get lean" and "get strong" workouts, as well as doing focused ab workouts.  And don't underestimate this harmless looking app, it will have your butt kicked in the first ten minutes.  Its a circuit training program, so there's no stopping unless it tells you and incorporates cardio into every workout so you're getting twice the workout at once.

In addition to kicking your butt, it allows you to set the music for your entire workout from your iTunes playlists, lets you watch videos of each exercise to make sure that you're doing it properly and offers you bonuses.  Seriously, who doesn't love incentives?

And just so you know, I don't get anything for doing a post like this (although, I don't know why Nike hasn't called me to help with promotion).  I just have been loving it that much and like to share it with anyone who will listen.  I'm pretty much an evangelist for it and probably annoy random people in the grocery store who may or may not think I'm crazy.

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