Thursday, July 19, 2012


As of today, I officially have two 2-year olds.  For some reason, Baxter has always seemed a little older and Atty has always seemed like the baby.  And now, my baby is 2.  I seriously cannot handle how fast these boys are growing.

Atticus dunks his head completely underwater when he blows bubbles, will randomly break into song (usually Twinkle, Twinkle), loves music of all kinds, and has become particularly fond of a certain blanket.  He isn't totally articulate, although I have a good grasp of what he's saying most of the time, but quiz the kid in numbers or colors and you'll be blown away.  He is a bottomless pit when it comes to food and prefers fruits and vegetables over anything else.  The other day, I had to bribe him to finish his tuna casserole by offering more nectarines.  True story.  The swing is still his favorite thing to do at the park and would swing for hours at a time if we would let him.  He now can swing on any type of swing, no longer just the baby one.  It turns out that he is the stubborn one, and the one that is always trying to get his way.  He masks it well under big eyes and wide, adorable grin.  I am going to have to be ready, as he has already started to use this kind of superpower to his advantage.  He is cuddly and constantly asking to be held or given hugs, but there is a spark in his eyes that reminds me that he can also be quite devious.  He says "mommy" with a high inflection at the end, making is seem like he has an accent.

Then: December 2010

Now: July 2012

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  1. How wonderful!!! I hope he had a great birthday!