Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wear

Oh how I miss my dslr.  I didn't think it would be that bad without it, but now it's going on five weeks or so and I'm looking forward to having it back.  Currently it's off having adventures in Iceland with one of the guys from Eric's office.

Until it arrives home, it seems that I am stuck with my iPhone, which allows me mostly mediocre photos at best.  But I am thankful for a phone that takes nice pictures, so I won't complain.  

What I do want to complain about is the weather, but I am going to try and refrain from that too.  You see, as someone who's grown up in Michigan I have a short term memory problem, like everyone else here.  In the winter I complain about the cold and wish for summer and in the summer I complain about the heat and wish for colder weather.  It just comes with the territory when you live in a place with such extreme weather changes.  One thing that doesn't change though is my favorite season, fall.  I am looking forward to it in all it's fleeting wonderfulness, but am trying not to wish it here too soon.  For now, I'm trying to have fun in shorts and tank tops, be content with my hair pulled back or in a top knot all the time, having the best tan of my life, be able to play outside all day with the boys and spending lots and lots of times swimming.

It's actually a really great summer, as long as I can forgot how incredible hot and sweaty I am.

Jumper: Thrifted // Belt: Hand-me-down from Grandma // Sandals: Target

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