Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Much Needed Date Night

It technically hasn't been that long since Eric and I have had a kidless night.  It's just that the last few times have all had scheduled events on those nights (mostly weddings).  These things are fun and we love attending them, but it definitely isn't the same as having a night with just the two of us.

This weekend, Eric's parents took the boys for an overnight when we had something planned all weekend.  It was marvelous and I enjoyed every minute of being together, even if that included shoe shopping for Eric.

In addition to shoe shopping, we ate at one of our favorites places downtown.  There usually isn't much of a wait, but this time there was, because of Artprize.  While we waited, this is the photo I got of the two of us.  I wasn't at all surprised when I saw the face Eric made, it's what I get 90% of the time when I ask if he'd take a picture with me.  I'm used to it.

I had every intention of taking a picture of our food, including the charcuterie and cheese we enjoyed.  But it is just so tasty that once it arrives, any thought other than eating it is suddenly forgotten.

After dinner, we ended the night the way we usually do on date nights, at the movie theatre.  During the winter, we used to go all the time and loved it.  Now that we're parents, those opportunities are fewer and farther between.  We have to take advantage of every opportunity.  I'm a little surprised we didn't do a double feature.  But one was better than none, and that way we were able to catch up on lots of sleep, probably the best part about an overnight.

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