Sunday, September 16, 2012

Libraries, kids either love them or hate them.

I see a lot of moms online talk about how great their library is and how they love taking their kids there.  So, throughout the last couple of months I've taken the boys to our library (well, the closet one to our house).  There are books and some puzzles, but not a ton for kids to do.  Honestly, I didn't like taking them and they usually ended up fighting or being too loud.  But then I took them to the library a little further away, and my goodness it was hundred times better!  Fish tanks, turtle tanks, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, puzzles, and puppets.  There may even be more we have yet to discover too. We checked out the "toddler time" which was followed by an art project and then hanging out in the children's portion of the library.

I never would have guessed that each library can be so utterly different.  I know there are differences, but to me these were night and day.  I am so excited to take them back next week and am planning on making this a regular outing, especially as out outdoor play time lessens.

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