Friday, October 12, 2012

Fight Club

Fight Club.  Such an awesome film.  When I watched it last weekend it wasn't the first time I'd seen it, and it was just as good.  Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are just incredible and the story has you thinking and trying to figure things out the entire time.  You are oftentimes just as confused as Norton's character, but not too much that you lose interest.  And then there's the end.  You really don't see it coming, unless you've seen the film already, and even then it's still great.

Edward Norton's character works at an insurance company assessing car accidents to determine if a recall should be issued.  He's miserable.  He finds some solice by attending support groups for issues and diseases he doesn't have, but then Marla starts to show up and it ruins everything for him. Until he meets Tyler (Brad Pitt) on one of his flights and his life forever changes.  As you might gather from the title, they start fight club, a club where a group of guys meet to fight, literally.  But then it becomes so much more.

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