Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friends, Pumpkins, Tractor Rides, Oh My!

Happy Halloween!  Although this may not be a Halloween post specifically, it is a fall themed post.  As we did last year, my friend and her kids ventured to my parent's house where we had our very own pumpkin picking day at our very own pumpkin patch.  My dad has been totally into planting pumpkins the last few years, and we take advantage of the dozens that fill this part of his garden.

And this year, the kids even got a tractor ride.  By dad happened to be home and spent most of the time taking the kids around the yard.  They thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.

Tonight we'll be spending time at a friend's house, handing out candy.  Although we may not trick-or-treat, who doesn't love getting candy from a group of super heroes?  This year Baxter will be Spiderman and Atticus is the Hulk.  Don't worry, I'll make sure to take some photos so you can witness all of the cuteness that is guaranteed to ensue :)

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