Thursday, April 4, 2013


Easter came early this year, which for Michigan residents means that it is still pretty cold. We spent time with my family on Saturday which was a pretty nice day, but it definitely wasn't as warm as some years. My mom hid Easter eggs around the yard and the boys got to hunt for treats. They also were given their very first Transformer (they are very much into Transformers and super heroes currently).

(I think this is the craziest photo we've ever taken together)

On Easter morning, the four of us hung out, ate muffins and Eric and I watched the boys hunt for their baskets. They are a little young to search without any help so I made them treasure maps which led them to their baskets. They both started in their room and each one was hidden in a different spot. Along with Eric's help, they were able to find them. We didn't do anything major; some sunglasses, Clif bars, musical instruments and coloring book. It's funny how they have the same reaction to Clif bars as they do to actual candy.


Finally, on Sunday afternoon we had dinner with Eric's family. This time they were given lunch boxes as baskets and had to search the yard for treats and prizes to go inside. Each Easter gathering was a little different but they had so much fun every time, and they got to see their grandparents and aunts and uncles a lot, which is even better than candy.

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