Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Internet, Meet Ezra

It's time I introduce you all to Ezra, my daring, always on the go, very independent, almost 1 year old.  We found out he was coming summer 2013, and he made his entrance two days before his due date in February.

From day one, Baxter and Atticus were enamored with him.  I thought the novelty of having a little brother would wear off, but it has yet to do so.  They're still pretty stoked about him, although less so when he's trying to smash the current tower masterpiece they're building.

Now that he's almost one and always on the move, life is getting a whole lot crazier, our house is getting to be a whole lot harder to keep clean and I may or may not get to shower on a regular basis.  It looks like dry shampoo is going to be my new bff and all of my instagram photos will just be a blur of boys in motion (long gone are the days of photos of a cute sleeping baby).

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