Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreaming of a Crafty Christmas

I have realized recently that I am absolutely obsessed with reading blogs.  I think I could do it for a job if someone wanted to pay me or even if they didn't  :)

There are several I read on a daily basis, which is made possible by the fact that work is very slow right now.  Most of the blogs I am dedicated to are craft/photography blogs.  There are so many inspiring ideas that I want to take a week off, spend all out money at Hobby Lobby and go craft crazy. 

But even if I didn't go coo coo for crafts, at this moment there isn't enough time to even think about it; on top of the fact that I'm not a naturally crafty person.

But seeing such wonderfully simple, creative ideas makes me want to dig deep down and find that small, crafty bone in my body.

Its especially hard because right now all the ideas revolve around the holiday season.  There are so many ornament, packaging, gift and decorating ideas I think I would need to start now for next year.

Someday though, I will have/take the time to stretch this hidden creative muscles but until then, I am just making sure to write down my ideas.

I should start planning craft Saturdays with my girlfriends.  It's a good idea, I may just do that  :)

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