Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost There!

We had our last meeting with our social worker Wednesday, this was the time she came to our house.  I spent the entire afternoon on Tuesday cleaning with my mom, what a sweetheart!

Comes Wednesday evening I was twiddling my thumbs as we waited for her to arrive.  She was a little late, which made me that much more anxious.

As soon as she got here, all of my fears dissolved.  She is so nice and we ended having a good time, just like the last two meetings.  When we finished she said that she was going to start writing the home study and would send us and our agent a draft before finalizing everything.

We are still waiting on just a couple things, but this doesn't prevent her from writing everything.  We just won't be able to send the completed copy until we have what we're waiting on.

Once our agent approves the final draft, we will send this information on to USCIS so we can get approval from immigration to bring a child in to the country.  This is a slow part of the process.  It's been taking between 8-12 weeks to get 171H approval (what we'll be getting).  This waiting time will give me the opportunity to prepare all of the remaining documents needed for our dossier.  Once we're approved, we will send everything off to the Congo and await approval from their government.

The most exciting part about sending our dossier, for me at least, is then getting our referral.  As we have said before, we decided to wait as long as possible to take a referral to help ensure the child is as young as possible.  Well, sending the dossier is the longest you can wait and therefore we'll find out about our baby at that time!  So, if everything gets done quickly over the next week, we could possibly find out who our baby is at the end of May.  It would be the best anniversary present ever!

Along with finishing up documents, our goal is to have the attic finished and ready for the baby.  I will confess, I spent some time wandering Baby's R Us looking at pretty much everything.  But I have to defend myself somewhat by saying that I was there to get a shower gift and just made sure to have enough time to wander too.

Anywho, we are so excited as always and can't believe how quick and smooth this process has been so far.  We just pray that is continue this way.

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