Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Visit

Eric and I just had our second meeting with our social worker and I have to say I love her!  She is very easy to talk to and we end up spending WAY more time there than we should.  But when we get on tangents about movies and the Oscars, it's hard to stop us and she's totally in to movies too.

We have our third and final visit on Wednesday.  Although this time, she's coming to us.  Since we enjoy each other so much I may just make dinner even though she's coming at 4:30pm.  We'll probably be there all night.

But seriously, we are going to kick butt this weekend and finish everything so I won't have a meltdown about the state of our house when she comes.  We even made progress already.  I framed a chalk board, cork board and magnet board for our "office" and the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and this past Wednesday, Eric hung them for me.  See....I think it turned out great!

Below is the one in our kitchen.  I am planning on putting a lot more frames around it (like a collage) with art and photos.  So we still have some work to do but at least they're off the floor :)

Along with hanging my frames, Eric put up the last of our blinds.  He's just so handy.



Aside from all of the projects we need to finish, I am working on finishing our paperwork.  I had to have a letter from my doctor notarized stating that I am in good health.  Sounds easy right, wrong!  My office doesn't have a notary on staff so I spent about 2 hours last Friday calling everyone in the Yellow Pages under Notary.  Thankfully I found a wonderful man who agreed to meet me at the office today.  When leaving, he refused any sort of payment or compensation for helping me.  What a blessing!  In spite of how difficult it was to get this done, good is still shining through.

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  1. Yay, you put the frames to good use! They look very nice! :)