Monday, February 15, 2010

Just for Fun!

So, we have our second home study meeting this Thursday.  I'm still just plowing through the paperwork to finish it and starting to prepare for our dossier.

Since there isn't a lot to update on, I thought I would show you some bedding I checked out recently.  I haven't let myself get too excited about these types of things, but what's a girl to do with her bestie on Super Bowl Sunday?

Plus, posts with pictures are always more fun :)

Anyway, here are a few I'm fond of...

This is probably one of my favorites for a boy, I like that it doesn't have any blue.  I feel that anything boy HAS to have blue, but I like this combo of green, gray and yellow.

Eric and I have thought about doing a travel theme, with an atlas in the room designated where the Dem Rep of Congo is and having little things we'll pick up in country.  Sadly, I haven't found any airplane bedding I like.  I am open to buying solids and maybe sowing patches on it.

Along with this one, I love this space ship bedding.

Isn't just adorable!

And I MUST have at least one zoo bedding, it's just what most people do.

Now, for girls I only have one set that I really, REALLY like.  It's just perfect in my eyes.


But, since we do not know our child's gender we don't have a reason to make any sort of decision.  This is just for fun mostly and to start getting some ideas.

Which do you like best?  At least out of the boy options.

And, I'm open to suggestions!

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