Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Own Home-Ec Class

Before I update about our ever-changing paperwork, I wanted to show you what I did yesterday.  I spent a lot of the evening making things, specifically food.  I made a few more batches of granola, which I am getting pretty good at and is now has a permanent stop in our cupboard.  But the big hoorah is for the pizza crusts I made.  I got the recipe from my wonderful friend Carly and made them from scratch, SCRATCH.  My mother will probably fall out of her seat when she reads this :)  If any of you know me, which I'd confidently say that you ALL do, you know that I am not very good at being the homie wife.  I really never make meals, but watch our Martha, here I come!

I almost didn't take any photos.  As we were putting away our leftovers Eric said, "don't you want to take photos for your blog?"  Apparently, he is way more on top of things than I am.  So, here are some photos taken after our delicious, homemade pizza dinner.

This was our dinner, we each got to make our own.

I actually made two batches thinking I had screwed the first one up.  I spent time after dinner making the crusts so they'll be ready for next time.  I obviously made a mess and ended up kicking Eric off the counter.

Aside from my excitement about the successful pizza crusts, we have finished something for our adoption and then found out there is more paperwork.

In order to adopt we have to complete 10 hours of adoption education.  This is a Hague requirement, which means no education, no kid.  Anyway, we must complete an essay/questionnaire about the Congo, have a 2-3 hour phone conference with our agency's education director and do some independent studies.  I started the essay/questionnaire a while ago and Eric just finished it up (that is what he is doing in the photo).  For our independent study we are each reading a non-fiction adoption book and then must submit a book report.  And when I called the education director originally to set up our phone conference, she asked that we wait.  Well, I guess the waiting is over.  We are trying to nail down a time that we all have a few hours to talk on the phone.  As soon as we complete our phone education and book report, our education phase is done.

Yesterday, when I found out we could schedule our phone conference, I also found out that there are three more federal forms I have to complete for our Dossier.  Thankfully we only need one copy each and they do not need to be notarized.

Note to anyone who is considering adoption, find someone who is a notary and become very good friends :)  Almost every single form you complete has to have two originals and both need to be notarized.  I just found out that our accountant that comes in to our office once a week is a notary.  She will probably wish she never told me when all this is said and done.

We're still waiting for our home study to be finalized.  I know that our social worker has been corresponding with our agency's home study guru and hopefully we can get this squared away soon.  I just want to get the immigration form in so it can start processing.  Maybe by next week, but I am trying not to get my hopes up.  Hopefully we will be able to update that its been sent soon.

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