Monday, March 8, 2010

Non Paperwork Filled Weekend

As of Friday, I heard back from our agent about our home study, WOOT!  Five days instead of 7-14, but there were a few changes that we had to make before finalization and print.  I sent the revisions to our social worker Friday afternoon and am still waiting to get the new, adjusted copy.  Mondays are usually spent responding to everything from the weekend, which is no different for our social worker.  I am really hoping to get the adjusted copy to our agent before the weekend to they can get started reviewing it.  Maybe I can even get it to them by Wednesday.

I will let you know what happens.  As soon as I get the finalized version from our social worker, it's off to immigration via our I-600A application.  Reminder, this is the approval that will take us between 8-12 weeks.  I just want to get it sent so a) I don't have to think about it anymore and b) it will be off and start the 2-3 month wait. 

Without having paperwork to complete, we got to spend the weekend doing other things.  Friday night I picked Eric up from the airport.  He was in Miami during the week for work.  We pretty much went straight from the airport to an adoption fundraiser for our friends Kate and Doug.  They are adopting 3 boys from Ethiopia.  Yes, you read right, THREE!  It was a successful event, which we are so happy for them.

On Saturday afternoon, I met with several people to start planning our own adoption.  Some amazing friends of ours approached us to plan something for us.  We really just have to show up.  I went to the meeting so I could let them know how much we appreciate this and also to offer any input.  Good times were had at good 'ole Grandville Panera.

Later on Saturday, we headed over to our friends Brook and Aaron's.  We always love spending time with them and their cutie Gavin.  The boys played video games and Brook and I watched Grease and made more earrings.  That girl has got me addicted to making jewelry.

**Side note:  I was just on Facebook and saw a skirt that Tifani V made and it was SO CUTE!  We may have to graduate to clothes pretty quick here, especially since warm weather's coming.

Sunday was the usual, church and my parents' house.  In the evening, we tried to set up our television to received normal channels without any luck.  We ended up just watching them on illegal channels online.  Because of Eric's traveling this past week, he got tired early and we ended up missing Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture.  Yes, we missed the only categories you stay up to watch :)  Oh well.

Holey-moley, I was pretty long-winded today.  Sorry about that folks.  But I guess that's a look in to our lives when adoption paperwork isn't at the forefront.  Hope your weekend went well, at least there was sunshine!

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