Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today is the day that my wonderful husband was born.  He will be spending the entire day working on a film shoot.  But don't feel bad, this is the best birthday gift he could get.  He just loves work that much.

He is now a whopping age of 28 years, though you would really never guess.  Oh...this makes me think of a funny story.  A few years ago, we went to Seth's (Eric's little brother) swim meet and while in line to enter, Eric was asked when he was swimming.  This was a high school competition and he was about 25 then.  He now has perpetual facial hair, which helps.

Actually, for his industry he is very young.  Many of the people he hires for projects are older than him.  This is just one piece of evidence of how amazing he is at his work.  Really, he does an awesome job and having a successful, growing business at 28 is impressive.

So happy birthday babe!  Thanks for being great and providing for our little, soon to grow family.  And for being so sexy ;)

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