Friday, June 18, 2010

Summertime's Filling Up

It's crazy how long we wait for summer and then it gets so full that it passes us by in an instant.  Eric and I are pros at filling up our time.  And then when we have nothing scheduled it's weird and we try to quick plan something.  Obviously this is going to be a trait that requires some changing once the kiddos arrive.  But for now we will enjoy our madness.

Starting today, our friends Scott and Kate will be staying with us while they're in town.  The attic got done just in time for them (I will post pictures as soon as Eric remembers to bring the camera home from work).  They have been in town since last weekend but stayed with family for a while.

We are hoping to all go see Toy Story 3 tonight.  Brook, Aaron, Katy and Patrick are confirmed and we just hope that Scott and Kate can find someone to babysit Emery so they can come too.  Eric is super geeked about seeing it.  I bet he is worse than most small children.  But I can't lie, many times I am much worse than Eric.  Chidrens movies are pretty much my favorite kind.  I can't talk highly enough about How To Train Your Dragon, pretty much the best movie all year.

And tomorrow morning I get to spend even more time with the lovely ladies listed above when we go to the farmer's market and hopefully nab some delicious breakfast.  My favorite part of the Saturday morning tradition, aside from the incredible market and great food, is the ability to walk everywhere!  Definitely looking forward to tomorrow and I don't even mind getting up early on a Saturday to do it :)

Other than those two things, we have Father's Day/Eric's birthday dinner with my family and Eric's third attempt at fixing our truck.  Then starting next weekend I feel that we may not have time to breathe.  Between weddings, picnics, family functions and family visiting from afar, we're pretty booked.  But that is something I just love about summer, being able to do so much.  Because we can!  It's so warm and stays light so long!  The only downside could be the lack of beach visits because of our busy schedule, but good thing neither of us are beach bums.

Well, that's all I have.  No news on the adoption front.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  I am looking forward to spending it in the new dresses I procured :)

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