Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spontaneous Paperwork

Yesterday I got an email from our agent asking for a couple different forms that I needed to fill out and copies of our tax returns.  I had the forms all printed out, but was waiting to hear when they were needed.  Well, they were needed yesterday.  That means I spend the majority of the morning filling out forms and corresponding with our agent in order to answer everything correctly.  Sigh...I was able to do it.  She needed them yesterday because the Congolese attorney is trying to set up our visa appointment, which is the appointment we will be attending personally in Kinshasa.  So I was obliged to drop everything I was in the middle of, and get it done.

But today, I got another email from our agent asking for passport photos of each of us.  She says that I never gave them to her (according to my Dossier list, I had checked them off and sent them with the entire Dossier packet, but oh well).  I just got back from CVS and the post office.  They have been over-nighted.  Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow or Friday about the appointment.  The Congolese attorney is supposed to have an appointment at the embassy for them to review our Dossier tomorrow.  I was originally told that at that appointment, they would schedule our visa interview.  As soon as we have that, a whirlwind of booking flights, hotels, and getting our travel visas will ensue.  I am trying to be ready to jump as soon as I hear from her.

And as soon as I hear from her, I will make sure to post about it.

I'm going to try and get back into the groove of school that I was in earlier today.  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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