Monday, February 28, 2011

I think It's Just a Girl Thing

Some girls buy a new top, pants, or bag every couple of months to "change" up their look.  I like when I can get a new top, or pants or bag, but for me, I find myself wanting to change up my hair.  As long as I can remember, I would let my hair grow, then I would cut it short and the cycle would continue over and over again every time I felt like I needed a change.
Shortly after I got married, I ventured into the world of color.  I dyed my hair brown, and have been going back and forth ever since.  But you see, I don't try a different color every six months.  I just jump between brown and my natural hair color (strawberry blonde).  The first time I colored my hair to brown it lasted two years, then I went back natural for about a year, and after a year and a half of brown, I am now contemplating going back natural.  But it's hard to make that decision knowing that I am going to want to change it up sooner or later.

It's just difficult to keep up with the maintenance of colored hair, not to mention the cost.  And with our grocery bill slowly increasing as the boys get bigger, the money currently used for hair appointments sure seems like it could be better utilized elsewhere.

So here are a list of the pros and cons I have come up with to hopefully assist in my decision-making.


Pros: No regrowth, free, it's actually a pretty color, no maintenance
Cons: Hair is much lighter than eyebrows, I look SUPER young, it may cause my children to not recognize me (since they've only seen me brunette)


Pros: Hair matches eyebrows, makes me look older (my age really), the brown looks like it could be natural
Cons: Cost, regrowth after 3 weeks, regrowth almost looks gray next to brown

Well, I guess there aren't a ton of pros and cons, but there they are.  If you have an opinion, please feel free to voice it.  I spend WAY to much time looking through photos trying to decide which I like better.  The hard part is, there are both good and bad photos of me with either hair color.

I know, I know, this is all my own doing.  I should really just buckle down and make up my own mind.  I guess I just know myself too well, and know that I am very likely to change my mind.

This was definitely a rant, and one that is pointless, but thanks for listening.  Have a great week!

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