Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comfy, Cute and Trying to Do Both

After the boys came home, I began having a hard time finding reasons to wear cute clothes.  Especially since I was at home ALL day long.  This is still a struggle, but one that cute, and fashionable clothes will hopefully win in the end.  My wardrobe never consisted of super fancy pieces, but I did like to dress cute, wearing skirts, dresses and jewelery.  The main deterrent is that my boys are still very young, and pulling on earrings, and spitting up is still an everyday occurrence.  So as I look through my closet in the morning, I generally think, "what don't I mind getting spit up on?"  And this question is what most often influences my clothing choices.  But I don't want these choices to become a continued habit. 

I have decided to make a conscious effort to start wearing my favorite pieces again.  And just to give you a little peak into my closet, I am going to feature one outfit each day this week.  The outfit that I will be featuring tomorrow (Monday) is something I actually wore on a Monday, and so on, every day of the week. 

So make sure to check back often this week since there will be a post everyday!

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